Success Chronicles: Stories of innovation nurtured with Nupo Ventures

We thank the Business Times for covering our work in transitioning from a corporate venture team to an independent venture incubation foundry.

This article talks about the genesis of Nupo Ventures and the journey we have been on. It also talks in detail about the journey that we went on to incubate our 2 earliest ventures – Jiva and Terrascope. They have both been challenging journeys, solving hard problems but they are starting to make impact.

  • JIVA has 60,000-70,000 smallholder corn farmers in Indonesia transacting on the platform after just 8 seasons. Through its services which spans across offtake, on-demand yield improvement advisory and microlending, farmers in Indonesia can increase their earnings 10%-20% in the 2-3 years they have been working with Jiva.
  • Terrascope has been able to sign up more than 20 clients in its first year of operation, all of whom were trying to get a handle of their complicated supply chains and associated Scope 3 emissions. The demand for understanding and mitigating carbon emissions among corporates is immense and they have entered their first new market (Japan) within the first year of operation.

You can read continue to read more of the details in the BT article here: Olam races to rev up second growth engine. Apologies but this seems to be behind paywall for now!