Our investment themes

We bring decades of experience in feeding the world, ensuring sustainable supply chains, and enhancing farmer livelihoods. Our three investments themes are hence aligned to this experience. We make challenges an opportunity and we help bring impactful ideas to purpose-driven reality.

Future-Ready Supply Chains Future-Ready Supply Chains Future-Ready Supply Chains
Future-ready supply chains
Future-ready supply chains

Recent events have highlighted the importance of resilient and innovative supply chains.Our food and agricultural supply chain is outdated, inefficient and vulnerable to disruptions - a significant challenge to farmers, businesses and consumers. Making supply chains more transparent and efficient will guarantee product safety and traceability while reducing waste and emissions.

We will create long-term value by investing in companies whose digital technologies transform sustainable development in food and agriculture supply chains.

Did you know ...

The 1.3 billion tons of food wasted globally every year would fill 22 million Olympic-sized swimming pools?

Regenerating food systems Regenerating food systems Regenerating food systems
Regenerating food
Regenerating food systems

Our current industrial agricultural model is unsustainable and poses significant risks to our planet’s wellbeing. Regenerative agriculture promotes healthy soil, enhances biodiversity, reduces synthetic inputs and slows down degradation. But scaling up regenerative practices is a huge challenge. We must invest in forward-thinking solutions and innovative technologies that make regenerative agriculture accessible to all.

According to the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization 1/3 of all food is wasted each year. So we’re also transforming green financing to support businesses that reduce waste.

Did you know ...

The agriculture industry is responsible for 10-12% of greenhouse gas emissions - more than all forms of transport combined.

Sustainable Consumers Sustainable Consumers Sustainable Consumers
Sustainable Logo
Sustainable Consumers

Our ecosystem cannot sustain our current lifestyles. But our collective consciousness is rapidly evolving, driving changes in how we consume. Businesses that best meet the intensifying demands of people and planet will grow fastest.

We will be at the forefront of positive change, building businesses that revolutionise consumer habits by committing to sustainable practices in food and agriculture.

Did you know ...

If all plastic waste generated annually were converted into LEGO bricks, it would stack from Earth to the Moon and back again.